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reminders of grace and consequences

Whenever a public figure’s moral failures come to light, I usually react in a myriad of ways. Disgust, anger, discouragement, among a few of them. But when it happens, I also remind myself of a few things that must be There is nothing new under the sun. This is a renewed and continuing call to… Continue reading reminders of grace and consequences

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seasons of life and love

loooooooooove… seasons of looooooooooooove! So, I’m embarking on this new season of life. As you may know, I got married at age 39 and had my first baby at 40. Before all that, I was single. Like single single. I had a couple serious relationships that didn’t end in marriage but just ended and zero… Continue reading seasons of life and love

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two roads diverged in the woods…

So yesterday, I listened in to the semi-weekly zoom meeting that Paul Hahn, Director of MNA, has been hosting. Richard Pratt was the guest and he talked a lot about the state of the PCA and what he sees happening. It was very good and they will probably post the recording at some point if… Continue reading two roads diverged in the woods…