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the balancing act of leaving

Since we’ve announced our move to Montana, we’ve been faced with a roller-coaster of emotions and responses. It’s been so interesting to watch and consider as we plan the next two months. It truly is a tightrope act, being very excited about our future and still feeling very emotionally and spiritually invested in where we… Continue reading the balancing act of leaving

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how to be proactively reactive

So many bad things could be avoided if the people in horror movies actually watched horror movies. They just aren’t prepared for things. Like why would you not lock the door behind you? Or use a plastic beach chair to prop against the door? You wouldn’t. Unless the script says you do. And then it’s… Continue reading how to be proactively reactive

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what I really, really want

The Spice Girls song notwithstanding, I find myself lately holding back my requests from God. I’ve been saying things like, “whatever you ordain is right” and help us to believe. But it’s not really that different from the (awful but ubiquitous and annoyingly catchy) song after all. We have all these demands. I had demands… Continue reading what I really, really want

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weighing in on Rachel Held Evans

I know. I know there are many more accomplished, authoritative voices on this, but hey. I’m a blogger. I blog. Mostly this here blog is for me anyway, so here I go blogging about as if I have something to say. I was really sad when I heard that RHE was in a coma. Lots… Continue reading weighing in on Rachel Held Evans