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what I really, really want

The Spice Girls song notwithstanding, I find myself lately holding back my requests from God. I’ve been saying things like, “whatever you ordain is right” and help us to believe. But it’s not really that different from the (awful but ubiquitous and annoyingly catchy) song after all. We have all these demands. I had demands… Continue reading what I really, really want

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weighing in on Rachel Held Evans

I know. I know there are many more accomplished, authoritative voices on this, but hey. I’m a blogger. I blog. Mostly this here blog is for me anyway, so here I go blogging about as if I have something to say. I was really sad when I heard that RHE was in a coma. Lots… Continue reading weighing in on Rachel Held Evans

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repenting of all my defaults

There are two definitions of de·fault. I’m using the second… /dəˈfôlt/ noun 2. a preselected option adopted by a computer program or other mechanism when no alternative is specified by the user or programmer. verb 2. to revert automatically to (a preselected option). My default position is where I land on things without thinking about it. You’ve… Continue reading repenting of all my defaults