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more take-aways on the sexual landscape

There will be many, maybe you, who will think that this is out of hand. I’ve seen people post things on social media about witch hunts and bandwagons. People are out for blood – trying to bring down otherwise “good” men who made a mistake. Maybe it was an error in judgment. Maybe it was… Continue reading more take-aways on the sexual landscape

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what the Church has learned since the Reformation

The Protestant Reformation failed. That’s the big picture. I know most evangelical/fundamentalist/whateverist types would say otherwise, but there are a large number of people like myself who see the failure to actually reform The Church as it was at the time. Creating an entirely new and distinct system is not the same as reforming the… Continue reading what the Church has learned since the Reformation

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more stories less statements

Imagine this. Pick up a fictional book, preferably one you haven’t read yet. Flip through to any random page, preferably somewhere in the middle. Read that chapter. Close the book. Now write a book review. This is probably how some of us got through Comp 101 in college, but that’s not my point. My point… Continue reading more stories less statements