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more stories less statements

Imagine this. Pick up a fictional book, preferably one you haven’t read yet. Flip through to any random page, preferably somewhere in the middle. Read that chapter. Close the book. Now write a book review. This is probably how some of us got through Comp 101 in college, but that’s not my point. My point… Continue reading more stories less statements

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“on this day” and our broken radars

You know how Facebook likes to remind you of the past? There’s an app that was created to post pics or other events on the same date that you originally posted throughout your life. “On This Day” you became friends with Bob. On This Day you got engaged. On This Day you had a grilled… Continue reading “on this day” and our broken radars

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not posted yesterday: America, stop acting like a whiny teenager

The best part about having a teen, hands down, is watching him grow up and mature. It has been an honor to see his transformation into a responsible, caring, intelligent, sweet, loving young man who takes care of others (like his baby sisters) and is a helpful, delightful person to hang out with. It doesn’t happen overnight. Fo sho. But it does happen with thoughtful dialogue, respectful disagreements, humbling challenges, and a renewed sense of self and purpose in this world.