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God rest ye, sad and broken gentle folk

Let’s not forget that being merry and bright is not in the Bible. I think it’s easy enough to confuse our favorite Christmas carol lyrics with what is actually in Scripture. I think we tend to make “merry” synonymous with “joy” and “cheery” with “content.” They aren’t the same, and they aren’t evidenced the same… Continue reading God rest ye, sad and broken gentle folk

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what you should get them for christmas

You know that feeling, standing in the store, looking at all the shelves and tables piled high with, in a word, crap that you could buy. You think about the people on your list, what they like, what you can afford to spend, and how much you actually like them, not necessarily in that order.… Continue reading what you should get them for christmas

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a prayer for a good kind of lust

No, this isn’t about sex or the question I ask my husband sometimes if it’s a sin for me to lust after him. We do tend to use the word lust with┬ánegative connotations reserved for conversations including wink, wink, nudge, nudge type of gestures. But recently, I was reconsidering a passage that uses it in… Continue reading a prayer for a good kind of lust

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on the loss of wonder

I’ve always loved Christmas. I know, I know. It’s still too early. Well, you can go read up on the wonder of Thanksgiving elsewhere I’m sure, but please bookmark this one and come back to it when you feel it’s appropriate. Thanks! Christmas was always such a pretty and joyful time. It had a kind… Continue reading on the loss of wonder