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love changes everything

Human love is a fragile thing. People say they fall in and out of love. How can that be? It’s like saying you fell into the sky. At least real Love, the kind with a capital L. I think we have such a hard time with love because our experiences can be so disappointing. Someone… Continue reading love changes everything

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Some myths about singles

Is an introduction necessary? I think not. Yay lists! 1. Singles are self-absorbed. One of the more frustrating comments people made to me when I got married was how different my life would be. They would go on to say, in some backhanded compliment kind of way, how being an older single (39) I was… Continue reading Some myths about singles

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help wanted: relationships for hire

I recently had the privilege of coaching a 16-year-old on her very first job interview ever. I appreciated how nervous she was and that it can be a really scary experience. I’m still not a huge fan of job interviews and I’ve had a ton. I told her the first thing they will ask is… Continue reading help wanted: relationships for hire