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Day 15: Fear not

Fear makes people do crazy things. If you’ve ever watched shows like Fear Factor or some haunted movies, you see how people react when they are terrified. A mix of fight or flight reactions and everything in between. It’s always somewhat amusing to watch big, buff and tough guys completely wig out like little kids… Continue reading Day 15: Fear not

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10 things I’m giving up at 40

I am 4o years old. I keep forgetting this. No really, I do. Being a wife, a mom, and a stepmom for the first time ever in my 40th year has given me enough reasons to forget this. It all makes me simultaneously old and young. I run around in t-shirts and sweatshirts all day… Continue reading 10 things I’m giving up at 40

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“jealousy turning saints into the sea”

I don’t generally get envious. I have lived long enough to know full well that when someone seems to have everything, they often don’t. They often are overcompensating and/or hiding something. Sometimes they do “have it all” in some sense, but the cost of having all is often giving all. And so it balances out.… Continue reading “jealousy turning saints into the sea”