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relational bungee jumping

I thought I had written this blog before, but couldn’t find it in my search through the 20 bajillion drafts I have. Anyway, so it’s something I’ve thought a lot about when it comes to relationships – not just romantic ones, though obviously that applies too. Relationships are like bungee jumping from a bridge. I’ve… Continue reading relational bungee jumping

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embarrassment for kids of all ages

I was recently thinking about the concept of embarrassment after a friend had asked about the most embarrassing thing to happen to me while on a trip to another country. The idea is that if you go to another culture and you don’t know the rules and whatnots, you will probably do something awkward and… Continue reading embarrassment for kids of all ages

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the continuing case for Facebook…

The nature of something like Facebook is intrinsically voyeuristic and exhibitionist..ic…? That much is undeniable. You have to like people knowing what you are doing (i.e. you post what you’re doing) or you have to like knowing what everyone else is doing (i.e. you read what everyone else is doing). I smirk when people write… Continue reading the continuing case for Facebook…