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Some myths about singles

Is an introduction necessary? I think not. Yay lists! 1. Singles are self-absorbed. One of the more frustrating comments people made to me when I got married was how different my life would be. They would go on to say, in some backhanded compliment kind of way, how being an older single (39) I was… Continue reading Some myths about singles

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help wanted: relationships for hire

I recently had the privilege of coaching a 16-year-old on her very first job interview ever. I appreciated how nervous she was and that it can be a really scary experience. I’m still not a huge fan of job interviews and I’ve had a ton. I told her the first thing they will ask is… Continue reading help wanted: relationships for hire

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why I didn’t wait

[Editor’s Note: Don’t read the post if you are easily offended or blush when someone says “sex.” because it says sex like 100 times. I also want you to make sure you read the feedback post to this post which was posted right after it. There are more thoughts and comments from readers that may… Continue reading why I didn’t wait