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forsaking all others

So who’s ___ (insert name of random male/female friend here)? It’s an innocent enough question that comes up. If by innocent you mean not bloody innocent at all. It comes riddled with accusation and emphasis and suspicion and fear. We want to know everything but we kinda sorta almost don’t want to know anything. When… Continue reading forsaking all others

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a minor loss of fidelity?

There’s this thing that occurs when you change some formatting in Excel from one┬áversion┬áto another and this error window pops up… It always makes me smirk because it sounds so serious! Oh no! Features have been degraded! Yikes! But of course fidelity is a serious thing. Data file integrity notwithstanding, our society has somewhat lost… Continue reading a minor loss of fidelity?

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ten easy steps for a Christian to be pro-choice

Step 1. Admit that people make huge gigantic mistakes that will affect the rest of their lives and leave them devastated and unable to function on a daily, if not hourly, basis for weeks and months on end. Step 2. Realize that the Bible, the ultimate book of real life stories with purpose, is full… Continue reading ten easy steps for a Christian to be pro-choice

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mr right? i’d rather have mr lunt…well, his cheeseburger… So this is in response to that there blog. I started writing comments and replies to comments and realized I was quickly approaching that line of annoying blog commenter. And nobody likes the annoying commenter. I have written no short supply of blogs regarding dating and singleness so this is no big revelation or… Continue reading mr right? i’d rather have mr lunt…well, his cheeseburger…