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how not to go Full Shame

How much space do you rent out to shame in your mind? Like Full Shame. The shaved head, let’s get crazy shame that infects and inflicts pain on your entire body and anyone around you? Stop renting to shame. Evict that sucker and change the locks. We have understood shame a lot better in recent… Continue reading how not to go Full Shame

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the hardest path

Anyone who says that being a Christian is for the weak minded and faith is a crutch clearly has not spent much time really being one. Faith is sometimes the hardest path to tread. Sometimes my brain takes every possible path except faith, and it feels so much easier, even providing relief in so many ways. I spent years running away from Jesus. I spent so much time chasing every happiness this life could possibly scrounge up. Was it fun? Yes. Did I have some good times? Of course. Was it easier to live than it is now? UNdoubtedly. I made it up as I went. What could be easier than that?