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And God said, let there be leviathan

I really hadn’t read the book of Job ever, and still haven’t read it all. It’s a complicated book. The rhetoric is complex and deciphering the wrong counsel from Job’s friends and the right counsel from Elihu can get pretty tricky. If you grew up like me, all you came away with from the book… Continue reading And God said, let there be leviathan

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my wait muscles are getting a workout

I’ve said it before and I’ll say again. Waiting can really suck. There are few things less fun than waiting for an answer at the point where you honestly don’t care what the answer is any more. You just want one. Any answer will do. At least then you can move on. But maybe we… Continue reading my wait muscles are getting a workout


your only son

How good it is to believe, no matter what, that God is good and He loves little children more than even we do, and we find rest in His grace and mercy.

I think we learn that in a brand new way as parents! I know I am. It’s one thing to trust God with our own bodies because we can buck up and suffer and it’s only our own pain. But watching your child suffer is a whole new ballgame, isn’t it?