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why I was chosen to be on the Verbolten Hard Hat Tour

So here is my entry for the social media contest to participate in the hard hat tour for Verbolten at Busch Gardens. Read more here… on the Busch Gardens VA Blog Yes, I’m a geek! I cannot be more excited about Verbolten without doing bodily harm to myself and others. I would love to be… Continue reading why I was chosen to be on the Verbolten Hard Hat Tour

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my treatise on Williamsburg…

This article by is excellent. Everyone in williamsburg MUST read this summary of the Triangle Leaders meeting and the Vision Project… I particularly want to focus on two statements… first, “It certainly bothers me when we drive by a chain restaurant and it’s filled, when local businesses aren’t,” James City County Stonehouse District… Continue reading my treatise on Williamsburg…

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Top Five Williamsburg Area Events

5. Chocolate Chariot Race and Chocolate Affair, New Town This event is picking up steam and hopefully will get bigger and better with each year. Put on by the team of Williamsburg Event Rentals and the genius of Steve Rose, the event is open to any group who comes up with a “chariot” to race… Continue reading Top Five Williamsburg Area Events