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Top Five Williamsburg Area Events

5. Chocolate Chariot Race and Chocolate Affair, New Town This event is picking up steam and hopefully will get bigger and better with each year. Put on by the team of Williamsburg Event Rentals and the genius of Steve Rose, the event is open to any group who comes up with a “chariot” to race… Continue reading Top Five Williamsburg Area Events

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eat drink be merry

for tomorrow your restaurant will die. Running a successful restaurant is hard work, make no mistake.  Eating establishments come and go every week and the competition grows leaps and bounds as collective consumer tastes are fickle and, now, stingy. I grew up in New York and of course as a kid I had no… Continue reading eat drink be merry

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the asians invade williamsburg

when i first moved to Williamsburg all i thought was that asians were not historically accurate to the colonial era and some dark and stormy night i would get a letter, from a horseback rider in breeches and tricorn hat, handwritten with blotchy ink saying something like the City of Williamsburg Tourist Industry welcomes your… Continue reading the asians invade williamsburg