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whose side are you on

Jokes about marriage tend to center around his v. her scenarios – that all men do this, and all women are like this and never the twain shall meet. What we forget too often is that the battle lines aren’t drawn that way. The husband isn’t pitted against the wife and we aren’t at war… Continue reading whose side are you on

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forsaking all others

So who’s ___ (insert name of random male/female friend here)? It’s an innocent enough question that comes up. If by innocent you mean not bloody innocent at all. It comes riddled with accusation and emphasis and suspicion and fear. We want to know everything but we kinda sorta almost don’t want to know anything. When… Continue reading forsaking all others

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ahhh the M word

Masochism… no no I mean Marriage! So Tim and Kathy Keller, stars of the PCA (that’s the Presbyterian Church in America for those who aren’t in the know. not to be confused with the Porsche Club of America or the Professional Cricketers Association or the Presbyterian Church in Australia for that matter although I’ll… Continue reading ahhh the M word