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Day 29: Unveiled wife

The term “unveiled wife” has always made me think of the story in the bible that I have always found a little frustrating and mysterious. The story of Leah and Rachel, the two sisters who ended up married to the same Jacob, is one of attraction and confusion and deep hurt. If you don’t know… Continue reading Day 29: Unveiled wife

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Day 27: Intimacy with God

Something occurred to me really for the first time while reading this devotional today. I hadn’t really thought of it this way before and I’m still ruminating about it, so forgive me if this sounds incomplete. Maybe I’ll keep considering it and discussing it with my resident expert on these matter… aka my husband. When we… Continue reading Day 27: Intimacy with God

dating and singlehood · faith · family · womens issues

Day 26: Hiding from God

There are two parts to the devotional thoughts today. In line with the author, I agree that we often find ourselves hiding from God when we are sinning or unwilling to repent. Like Adam and Eve, we realize what we’ve done and make the mistake of thinking that God doesn’t see or know, that we… Continue reading Day 26: Hiding from God