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when God builds a rollercoaster

Last summer at this time, I was fairly pregnant. We were due September 29th. Because of this, my normal Williamsburg-esque summer felt less so since it was not wise to board the Griffon or Apollo’s Chariot or Verbolten and so trips to Busch Gardens were filled with sitting down a lot and eating a lot.… Continue reading when God builds a rollercoaster

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10 things I’m giving up at 40

I am 4o years old. I keep forgetting this. No really, I do. Being a wife, a mom, and a stepmom for the first time ever in my 40th year has given me enough reasons to forget this. It all makes me simultaneously old and young. I run around in t-shirts and sweatshirts all day… Continue reading 10 things I’m giving up at 40

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my treatise on Williamsburg…

This article by is excellent. Everyone in williamsburg MUST read this summary of the Triangle Leaders meeting and the Vision Project… I particularly want to focus on two statements… first, “It certainly bothers me when we drive by a chain restaurant and it’s filled, when local businesses aren’t,” James City County Stonehouse District… Continue reading my treatise on Williamsburg…